About Us

Denver's Artisan & Specialty Cocktail Bar

  • Welcome to Union Lodge No. 1…

    … a Denver specialty cocktail bar that stands as a tribute to the true American bars of late 19th century, and celebrates the art of crafting specialty cocktails. Step through our doors to enjoy a libation of the highest caliber, and be transported to a time before prohibition, where the creativity of barmen flourished. Our expert bartenders apply their passion and years of experience toward creating specialty cocktails, reminiscent of the masterpieces of the pre-prohibition era.

    We are proud to bring the specialty cocktail movement back to its origin, and celebrate the rich history of crafting superior drinks.
  • A Tribute To Our Roots

    Before prohibition hit America, barmen were busy crafting artisan cocktails with high quality ingredients, paving the path for the specialty cocktails we all enjoy today. However, prohibition put an unfortunate pause in the progression of the craft, forcing the best and brightest barmen abroad to pursue their passion overseas, and effectively halting craft beverage creation here in America.

    Union Lodge No. 1 pays homage to these history-making barmen by emulating their craft in an attempt to bring our Denver specialty cocktail bar back to the golden age of craft drink creation. While cocktail bars are still recovering from the effects of the prohibition era, we are proud to hold ourselves to the highest standards as we forge ahead towards the future. We understand that it is only through an immense respect for the history of our craft, and thoughtful dedication to the methods pioneered by those late 19th century barmen, that we can begin to reclaim what was lost.
  • Why We Stand Out

    It's not just the appreciation for the history of specialty cocktails, or the passion and experience of our bartenders that sets our artisan cocktail bar apart. We pride ourselves on thoughtfully and carefully crafting libations with only the highest caliber spirits and quality ingredients for an unforgettable cocktail.

    Our bartenders take turn-of-the-century cocktails and elevate them for modern palates, truly uniting the best of both worlds, and honoring this near-time-lost tradition in the best way we know how. Stop by, enjoy a thoughtfully crafted beverage, and see how our dedication to preserving this art launches us far beyond what you would expect from an ordinary Denver specialty cocktail bar.