Our Peers

“Focusing on pre-Prohibition cocktails, Union Lodge is kind of place where bartenders are “mixologists” and the decor hearkens back to a vintage Americana vibe. The extensive menu got you reeling? Order a Ramos Gin Fizz, marvel at its foamy head, and know that you’re enjoying the drink the way it was intended to be served.”

“Deftly executed American classics — the bar’s list pays homage to pre-Prohibition mainstays like the Martinez and the Brandy Crusta — draw in a mix of in-the-know drinkers, first dates and visiting business types.”

“From the worn brick walls to the canvas-bound menus and the weathered American flag behind the bar, Union Lodge No. 1 offers an authentic type of old-timey comfort that few bars in this city can match.” 

“Union Lodge No. 1 will help set the stage for your “Hamilton” experience with its nods to U.S. history. Keep the theme going with the “Red, White and Blue Blazer” cocktail, inspired by the father of American bartending, Jerry Thomas.”

“All the better to showcase the flames that shoot through the air when somebody orders a Red, White, & Blue Blazer—rest assured somebody’s always ordering a Blazer.”