Union Lodge Number One
Union Lodge, An American Bar

No. 1

Union Lodge No.1 stands as a tribute to the American bars of the late 19th century. Step through our doors to celebrate the art of specialty cocktails and discover the libations reminiscent of the Pre-Prohibition era. Our bartenders apply their passion and years of experience toward crafting specialty cocktails while transporting you to a time before Prohibition, where the creativity of bartenders flourished. We are proud to bring the specialty cocktail movement back to its origin.

1543 Champa St.
Sunday - Wednesday 5pm - 11pm

Thursday - Saturday 5pm-1am
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"The Lodge is more than just a bar you’ll be glad to know about when you’re in the neighborhood. It’s a destination in its own right."

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Reservations required, we are strictly following all COVID regulations, and we are doing everything possible to serve you safely. Thanks!
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